Hardscaping Services

Everything that isn’t living is what we refer to as “hardscapes,” or the “backbone” of the landscape. Some examples of hardscaping services are retaining walls, roads, patios, outcroppings of stone, pavement surfaces, and buildings. These components define areas and set up the parameters for the plants, mulch, and final details to follow by applying aesthetic and functional criteria. A good hardscape design will, if executed properly, greatly enhance every step of the installation process. Our designers take a number of factors into account while choosing and arranging the hardscape components, including traffic flow, texture, color, form, and more.

For steps, patios, gardens, planters, terraces, and roads, Lawn Care Plus offers a variety of pavers and retaining walls.

Create a unique hard surface that delivers warmth, beauty, and unique character by selecting from a range of custom textures, aggregates, colors, and forms.

Hardscaping Services – Paving bricks

We are a popular choice for many people who are preparing to remodel their house because of our craftsmanship, attention to detail, and exceptional customer service, to name just a few of the many reasons. We work with you to satisfy your goals and deliver high-quality goods that are within your price range, also to customizing our designs to match your own preferences.


Hardscaping Services – Brick sidewalks


We are your go-to experts for installing brick pavers and hardscaping. We provide a wide range of hardscapes and Brick Paver installation styles, including pathways, driveways, pool patios, patios with various levels of Brick Pavers, outdoor fireplaces, kitchens, and bars. More than just landscaping makes up your outdoor living area.

We take great pride in what we do. It’s crucial to choose the proper materials for the work, and we’ve hand-picked each option for your consideration. You and our firm value the integrity of your house. The patio brick, stone patio, and garden stone are just a few of the options we provide.

Our products can be used to a variety of real-world situations, including the ones listed below:

  • Driveway Brick Pavers
  • Walkway Brick Pavers
  • Patio Brick Pavers
  • Fire Pit Design Services
  • Boarders
  • Brick Paver Walls
  • Retaining Walls

Hardscaping Services – Reinforcing Walls

Retaining walls are distinctive components of every building or setting. Retaining walls support sloping terrain and stop it from eroding or disintegrating, serving both practical and aesthetic purposes. A retaining wall is an essential component of a landscape, but it may also be attractive if it is built from a selection of ornamental or decorative materials.

Many individuals consider the retaining walls on their estates to be decorative features. With climbing plants and other plants adorning it, it can be a very appealing stone structure. Retaining walls are an engineering marvel. They serve to hold soil behind a sturdy building or to redistribute the strain and forces of sloping land. Today, retaining walls are constructed using a wide variety of materials. These resources comprise the following:

  • Stacked Fieldstone and Bluestone
  • Interlocking Block
  • Block with stone veneer
  • Boulders
  • Treated Wood

If you are interested in learning more about our hardscaping services, contact Lawn Care Plus today. Call us at 617-592-9185 or request an estimate online.

Hardscaping Services
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