Stairs & Walkways Installations

With specially crafted stairs & walkways, you may enhance your home’s unrefined charm. Both form and function are served by them. When it comes to changing the exterior space of your home, the options are practically immeasurable. There are a lot of varieties of sidewalks on the market, but the aesthetics of your walkway are most important in defining how your home’s outside will seem. We know that the right implementation has a critical part in making it more robust and long-lasting, which is why we offer a large selection of stones, material quality, unique weather-resistance solutions, and more.

Most households and commercial buildings favor interlocking paver walkways as their preferred option. To accommodate your diverse choices, high-quality sidewalks come in a variety of sizes, colors, shapes, and patterns. They work well in all seasons and can resist nasty weather, including hurricanes, hot summers, and long winters. Brick, concrete, bluestone, and interlocking concrete pavers are additional frequent materials for walkways.

Options for Building Stairs and Walkways

The masonry specialists at Lawn Care Plus can create stunning stairs & walkways using a variety of materials. To make a warm welcome to your home, you can use concrete, bricks, or stones. Customers usually select a mix of materials to provide an appealing appearance. For instance, the top are built of poured concrete while the risers are made of natural stone or brick. The clashing hues and textures create a captivating focal point and improve the curb appeal of your house.

Our Construction Process for Stairs and Walkways

The masonry team at Lawn Care Plus builds masonry steps that are both sturdy and beautiful by using high-quality materials and adhering to best practices. As we follow the building process, we completely abide by best practices. Every project starts with a strong foundation. The area is leveled and removed all the way to the foundation dirt. The material is spread out in a foundation layer. To make the strongest structure possible, tight cross joints are made that don’t let for gaps or apertures. For a uniform appearance, every new stone or brick is matched in size and color. The upper platform is then installed, usually using poured concrete, once the steps have been constructed. The Masons at Lawn Care Plus work hard to build elegant and long-lasting entry stairs. Our aim is to go above and beyond your expectations.

Some of the masonry projects we build include:

Repair of Stairs and Walkways

Are your home’s entrance steps deteriorating? It’s time to engage a mason to repair your steps or build new ones if your entryway is endangering your family and visitors. Often, heat, sun, and rain lead to the mortar to deteriorate, resulting in loose bricks and stones. Further hurt ensues if water is allowed to enter. Masons from Lawn Care Plus will give you a free quote and fix your steps promptly and affordably.

If you are interested in learning more about our stair and walkway installation services, contact Lawn Care Plus today. Call us at 617-592-9185 or request an estimate online.

Stairs & Walkways Installations
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